When a Massage Can Be Harmful

A high-quality massage can help you achieve full harmony between your body and your mind, and is able to improve your overall health. Massage is a natural means for relaxation, with a large area of application when it comes to the prevention and the treatment of a number of diseases. There are some cases however in which a massage should not be given. These cases can vary from the presence of certain, quickly fading away symptoms to some diseases whose presence is undoubted. The application of massage techniques of any kind is not recommended for people whose body temperature is abnormally high, as well as for people who suffer from acute infectious diseases. You should not be undergoing any massage procedures in case your skin is sore for some reason, or in case you are suffering from a skin disease of any kind. Hemophilia and other various hemorrhages are again contraindicated when it comes to the making of a massage of any kind. Another case in which a massage should not be given is when you have sore, varicose veins, as well as if you are suffering from any kind of disease which is firmly linked to the presence of such symptoms. Massage should not be given to people who suffer from aneurisms, as well as to people who have medically proven symptoms of problems with their lymph nodes and lymph vessels. The presence of any kind of cancerous tumors is also absolutely contraindicated for the application of any kind of massage techniques. Among the symptoms which are in a total contradiction with the giving of a massage is the painful menstruation. If a woman is pregnant, but she used to have any problems connected with the successful carrying of the fetus, she should not be given a massage under any circumstances. Mental illnesses where excessive excitability is a symptom are also among the cases in which a massage is highly inadvisable. Massage is also not recommended when a person suffers from hypotonic and hypertonic attacks, as well as if they have suffered a myocardial ischemic infarction. For all other diseases or symptoms that might concern you, before you decide to attend a massage studio, you must seek professional advice from your doctor.

Back Massage - studio Sofia

Spine is the main supporting structure of the body – an area with great mobility and strength.  Since it is better protected than soft parts in the front side of the body, it is best to start the massage from the back. Because when the time comes for massage for the more vulnerable areas of the body your patient will be more relaxed and trustful.  Furthermore, the back is the single part of the body with most extensive area which will be process in the majority of the session and it is worth to spend more time and attention than any other part. Because this massage affect  the nerves that branch out from the back and reach all parts of the body, many people experience a deep sense of relief after a complete massage. It is mandatory requirement to sit comfortably, so that your hands can easily reach all parts of the back. Remember in order to avoid fatigue you must act with the full weight of your body, not just your hands. Since massage session begins with back treatment so the recipient can get used to the massaging touch and masseuse can get a sense of his body.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage was developed in year of 1700 by the Swedish doctor named Per Henrik Ling. This type of massage involves long, flowing movements designed to increase circulation and blood flow to the heart. It is characterized by a series of techniques designed to relax the muscles by rubbing in depth to the same direction.  Swedish massage can reduce recovery time from muscle strain as favorably affects the ligaments and tendons, it stimulates the skin and calms the nerves. Swedish massage is most commonly used to relieve the stress both emotional and physical.

Facial massage

Facial massage is probably one of the oldest in the world. It provides deep relaxation and normally is used a special oil to facilitate the removal of toxins. It stimulates the muscles of the face “Marma’’ points, contributes to the harmony and balance in the body.  Facial massage has many different names including Indian face lifting, lifting Ayurveda and so on. Facial massage is focusing on the head and neck and uses special oils to release deep stress, stimulates circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and makes the skin toned and healthy.

Erotic massage - what is this?

Erotic massage is designed for sexual arousal by means of sensual stimulation.  This massage focuses on the genitals or other intimate parts of the body which normally are not touch by therapeutic massage. Unlike other types of massage the recipient’s body is naked. Erotic massage is used to increase the sensitivity in future sexual contacts.  It also used to help men with premature ejaculation and relaxing the muscles around the pelvis. Erotic massage last the arousal and pleasure for longer time, increasing it with every orgasm.